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What are Nutraceutical Products?

As the largest specialized promotions company in the world, Twin Towers Trading specializes in promoting products through live demonstrations. One category of products Twin Towers Trading regularly promotes is nutraceuticals.

Nutraceuticals have gained a lot of ground among health-conscious consumers, and the worldwide market for nutraceutical products is projected to reach more than $250 billion by the year 2018. The term nutraceutical was coined in 1989 and has no regulatory definition in America, though some international laws define nutraceuticals as products purified or isolated from foods which are sold in medicinal forms and provide a benefit or protection against disease. Products sold as nutraceuticals can be sold as food, food ingredients, drugs, or dietary supplements, depending on the ingredients and what claims the product makes. Nutraceuticals often supplement a diet in the same way dietary supplements do, but they can also aid in the prevention of specific health issues or improve overall personal wellbeing.