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About Noni Juice

Since its establishment in 1993, Twin Towers Trading has presented live demonstrations of product brands. The largest specialty promotions company of its kind, Twin Towers Trading promotes such products as noni juice.

Thought by some as a healthy alternative to fruit beverages and sodas, noni juice is a descendant of the fruit from the Morinda citrifolia tree, which is indigenous to Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and Australia. The cream-colored fruit, which looks somewhat like a potato, emits a pungent scent when it is fully mature.

Advocated in Polynesian medicine, the Morinda citrifiola has been used to alleviate such conditions as asthma and constipation, among other ailments. The leaves of the tree have also been known to be applied topically to heal surface wounds.

Full of minerals and vitamins, noni juice, which is also sold in capsule form, is recommended by some practitioners for slowing the aging process and enhancing immune system functioning.