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Twin Towers Trading – Quality Skincare Products With Dead Sea Salt

Founded in 1993 in New York City, Twin Towers Trading maintains its head offices in northern New Jersey and facilitates live demonstrations on television and in retail shopping settings. In addition to homeware and cookware offerings, the company offers a variety of natural skincare products. Among Twin Towers Trading’s sought-after items are Lemonde spa kits and moisturizing and exfoliating body scrubs. Softening the skin and providing aromatherapy benefits, the scrubs are formulated from a combination of essential oils and Dead Sea salts. In addition to use in the bath or shower, they are ideal for pedicures and manicures.

Dead Sea salts are also a key ingredient in the Be Revived face lift serum, which tightens and smooths skin within 15 seconds after application. Priced at only $25, the Luminescent bath oil & Lemonde body lotion twin-pack provides nourishing moisture and a light, reviving scent. To access the full range of quality skincare products on offer at discounted prices, visit


Working As a Brand Ambassador in “Retailtainment”

Since 1993, Twin Towers Trading has been involved in the business of “retailtainment.” Hosting demonstrations in retail environments and on TV, product demonstrators for Twin Towers Trading possess specific character traits.

Live product demonstrators, sometimes called brand ambassadors, work in the field of retailtainment, which is a marketing activity that combines entertainment with the demonstration of products. Some marketing experts have defined the practice as being a brand experience that is presented live. Therefore, retailtainment is sometimes referred to as inspirational retailing.

In order to work in the field of retailtainment or to obtain a job as a brand ambassador, a person needs to have a pleasant and engaging personality. Salaries for this position range from around $28,000 to over $100,000 per year. Demonstrators who work for Twin Towers Trading must be over 21 years old and have a background in an area like customer service, public speaking, acting, or retail.

A memorization bonus is paid to demonstrators who are able to present product details without referring to the company’s script. Demonstrators typically work from Thursday through Sunday on their assignments.

What is Retailtainment?

The leading specialized promotions company worldwide, Twin Towers Trading has made its name through live demonstrations of products at major retail venues. This strategy, referred to as “retailtainment,” has allowed Twin Towers Trading to expand into an international operation over the course of its 20 years of operation.

Retailtainment, sometimes called entertailing or inspirational retailing, focuses on making the marketing of products entertaining to customers. As opposed to a standard shopping experience, in which customers select the goods they know and want, retailtainment allows them to see products in action, thereby creating a desire to buy products of which spectating consumers were previously unaware. Retailtainment makes use of mood and activity to get customers in the frame of mind to buy products and allows customers to experience firsthand the benefits of purchasing particular goods or services. Firms that specialize in retailtainment see much higher sales than those that passively display goods to be either noticed or ignored. Some consultants cite as much as a 40 percent improvement in sales from well-conceived retailtainment initiatives.

About Noni Juice

Since its establishment in 1993, Twin Towers Trading has presented live demonstrations of product brands. The largest specialty promotions company of its kind, Twin Towers Trading promotes such products as noni juice.

Thought by some as a healthy alternative to fruit beverages and sodas, noni juice is a descendant of the fruit from the Morinda citrifolia tree, which is indigenous to Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and Australia. The cream-colored fruit, which looks somewhat like a potato, emits a pungent scent when it is fully mature.

Advocated in Polynesian medicine, the Morinda citrifiola has been used to alleviate such conditions as asthma and constipation, among other ailments. The leaves of the tree have also been known to be applied topically to heal surface wounds.

Full of minerals and vitamins, noni juice, which is also sold in capsule form, is recommended by some practitioners for slowing the aging process and enhancing immune system functioning.