Twin Towers Trading – Quality Skincare Products With Dead Sea Salt

Founded in 1993 in New York City, Twin Towers Trading maintains its head offices in northern New Jersey and facilitates live demonstrations on television and in retail shopping settings. In addition to homeware and cookware offerings, the company offers a variety of natural skincare products. Among Twin Towers Trading’s sought-after items are Lemonde spa kits and moisturizing and exfoliating body scrubs. Softening the skin and providing aromatherapy benefits, the scrubs are formulated from a combination of essential oils and Dead Sea salts. In addition to use in the bath or shower, they are ideal for pedicures and manicures.

Dead Sea salts are also a key ingredient in the Be Revived face lift serum, which tightens and smooths skin within 15 seconds after application. Priced at only $25, the Luminescent bath oil & Lemonde body lotion twin-pack provides nourishing moisture and a light, reviving scent. To access the full range of quality skincare products on offer at discounted prices, visit


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